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  • Ivan Trajkovic

Basketball Academy Vojvoda by Dusko Savanovic announces partnership with It’s GameTime

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Basketball Academy Vojvoda is pleased to announce they have been amongst the early adopters of the "It's GameTime" technology for the management and communication of sports organizations.

The very fact the two basketball greats recognize the value of It's GameTime, makes this partnership a valuable synergy and further increases the Academy's slogan - "The details make the difference".

Dusko Savanovic is a famous Serbian basketball player who left a significant mark by playing for the biggest European clubs and the senior national team of Serbia. His partner, Aleksandar Zmijanjac, who has gathered valuable experience as a member of the NBA club Indiana Pacers, spent years collaborating with professional NBA players at the highest world level.

Vojvoda Basketball Academy started its project with the vision of working in a different way to improve the players' basketball skills. Behind them are many years of experience at the highest level of business, which helps them give their best for the athletes to achieve all personal and team basketball goals.

With a professional work methodology, Vojvoda Basketball Academy wants to allow the player to progress and prepare for a higher level of basketball. Therefore, they create, lead and support all the elements that build and protect the integrity of basketball.

GameTime is a messaging, scheduling, and file-exchange Cloud solution that enhances the way sports teams communicate and operate. With the integration of It's GameTime into the operations of Dusko's and Aleksandar's Academy, they are further improving their philosophy, methodology, and goals.

GameTime is software for sports teams that centralizes messaging, scheduling, and exchanging files, making them faster, more reliable, and more secure.

For anyone interested to try It's GameTime technology with a 2-month free trial, they are free to do so by requesting an invitation code here.

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