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Choose a better way for your sports teamwork


  • Ivan Trajkovic

Coaches, staff, and athletes want to be heard

Motivation is a significant driving force in sports teams. Since the pandemics started, coaches, staff, and athletes have been reevaluating what they need to feel motivated. Many common reasons are frequently cited as fundamental causes of the "change of heart", such as pay, burnout, isolation, and unclear growth paths. However, not feeling heard is a significant cause that is often overlooked.

Recent research has revealed that making the team feel seen and heard can profoundly impact their productivity, engagement, and turnover. The same study also states that 74% of team members report they are more effective when they feel heard. Additionally, listening to your team members can give you the perspectives and insights you need to improve your training, processes, and team culture.

Additionally, not everyone communicates in the same way, which is why it's essential to offer a variety of ways for coaches, staff, and athletes to share their thoughts and feedback. Some may prefer team meetings, while others may feel more comfortable sharing their input in a one-on-one conversation in person or online. So, be sure to have multiple channels for them to contribute their ideas and take each approach seriously.

In team meetings, certain voices dominate the conversation and cause others to feel more hesitant to chime in. That's why, as a leader, it's essential to be present and read the room – keep an eye out for participants who seem like they have something to say but lack the confidence to speak up.

When a team member makes a suggestion that produces real change, honor their contributions with a formal acknowledgment from leadership, and actively show them that you value their input and impact to effectively encourage them and others to keep sharing down the line.

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