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Choose a better way for your sports teamwork


  • Ivan Trajkovic

Notify or not to notify, the question is now

Creating a schedule mostly means that you will create your events ahead of time at least for a week if not for a longer period.

GameTime provides you with an option to choose whether you want to notify your team members straight away or not, regardless if you are using GameTime Web or Mobile app. In any way, your team members will always receive a notification one hour before the event occurs.

This is particularly useful when you need to fix something in the schedule that is not just about to happen, so you do not want to bother anyone straight away, or on the contrary, when you consider it is of utmost importance that everyone gets notified immediately.

Consider a situation where the event location is changed. Without GameTime you would need to send a message using your favorite messaging app, or even to call everyone involved. With GameTime, all you need to do is to change the location and keep the “send notification” toggle ON. Everyone is informed of the location change right at that moment.

Even more important is that the notification will be shown in the GameTime App alerts, where you can see who has seen the notification and how long before the event. That will keep you, and all team members informed, if someone hasn’t spotted the change yet. If that is the case, then it is easy to call one or two members who haven’t rather than worry about the entire team.

This GameTime’s feature, alongside many other features, improves consistency and helps everyone do their job better without wasting time on basics, but rather help them focus on what matters most. Let athletes perform and coaches coach. That’s what matters the most.

It’s GameTime!

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