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Choose a better way for your sports teamwork


  • Ivan Trajkovic

Organize your team communication

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Teams are used to messenger apps, which is great, however, pilling up the conversation on any possible topic in one chat group buries the important information. One of the main issues is when a coach or a team manager messages everyone a schedule (e.g. for the upcoming week). Finding that one message in hundreds of messages is difficult. When it comes to the schedule, we’ve covered this topic in another post.

Creating a Focused Communication Hub

GameTime’s event chat channels are designed to isolate conversations related to specific events, like games or practices, from the usual flurry of messages. Setting up these channels is a breeze:

It's GameTime event channel team communication
  1. Initiate a Channel While Planning an Event: When you're setting up a new event in GameTime, simply opt to create an event-specific chat channel.

  2. Choose the Channel’s Availability: Decide when this channel should go live. If the event requires immediate discussion, activate the channel instantly. For future events, you can set the channel to open a few days prior, keeping the focus timely and relevant.

Balancing General and Event-Specific Chats

While the main public channel in GameTime serves for general team chatter, much like your traditional messenger app, event chat channels allow focused discussions on particular events. This distinction ensures that:

It's GameTime General and Event-specific chat
  • The Team channel remains a space for broad, team-wide communication.

  • Event channels are dedicated to discussions about specific upcoming events, keeping them organized and on-topic.

Personalized Messaging for Direct Communication

GameTime also caters to one-on-one communication. You can exchange individual messages with any team member, maintaining a direct and personal line of communication when needed.

Safe and Relevant Team Communicatoin Environment

With GameTime, every message counts. Our platform ensures that team communication happens in a secure, closed environment, safeguarding your team from external distractions and noise. When you receive a message on GameTime, it's always relevant and crucial.

GameTimes' Innovative AI Chat Summarization

Trying to go through numerous messages can be a pain. GameTime’s AI chat summarization feature is here to help. It condenses long conversations into brief, digestible summaries, ensuring that you catch up on crucial points without going through every single message.

Voice Messaging for Quick, Convenient Communication

Understanding the need for versatility in communication, GameTime's latest update introduces voice messaging. This feature allows you to send quick audio messages, perfect for when typing a long text is hard to do at the moment.


GameTime's event chat channels, enhanced with AI summarization and voice messaging features, are transforming team communication in sports. Embrace the efficiency and clarity brought by GameTime, and streamline your team's conversations like never before.

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