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  • Ivan Trajkovic

Slovenian Basketball Club Nova Gorica Mladi announces partnership with It's GameTime

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

"It's GameTime" welcomes Basketball Club Nova Gorica Mladi to their portfolio of technology leaders in European basketball. Nova Gorica Mladi Basketball Club is one of Slovenia's largest basketball organizations. As such, it is essential for Slovenian basketball, and in the last ten years, it managed to educate many representatives of junior categories and national team coaches.

In front of BC Nova Gorica is basketball coach Jan Zavrtanik. Jan has over three decades of experience developing young athletes in both Slovenia and Italy, some of which have made a significant impact in basketball on a World scale. It is worth mentioning their athlete Luka Ščuka, currently a BC Cedevita Olimpija member, who has entered the NBA Draft this year. Another one is Saša Ciani, a BC Cedevita Olimpija member who played for BC Ilirija Ljubljana in the past season. In the last eight seasons, Jan has been successfully leading the younger selections of the Gorica Mladi Basketball Club.

Even though GameTime offers many solutions in one, GameTime is primarily a messaging, scheduling, and file-exchange Cloud solution that enhances the way sports teams communicate and operate. By integrating "It's GameTime" technology into the club operations, Jan has improved the transparency in communication and organization of the entire youth basketball in Nova Gorica, which has led to significant improvements to the focus and engagement of athletes, coaches, and staff.

Coach Zavrtanik explains - "The very fact that any change in our complex schedule across all teams is instantly delivered to everyone involved certainly saves me and my colleagues hours every month. We are very engaged in what we do, and our workdays usually last over 12 hours. For us, every hour counts, every minute counts even. With GameTime, I have been able to outsource common communication and organization difficulties and focus on my work as a coach, mentor, and coordinator. As a result, not only are I, coaches, and staff more focused and dedicated, but most of this overhaul of our organizational practice directly impacts our athletes.".

GameTime is software for sports teams that centralizes messaging, scheduling, and exchanging files, making them faster, more reliable, and more secure.

For anyone interested to try It's GameTime technology with a 1-month free trial, they are free to do so by requesting an invitation code here.

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