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Choose a better way for your sports teamwork


  • Ivan Trajkovic

Teams and Workspaces

All GameTime features consider different roles within one sports organization - coaches, athletes, coordinators, team managers, medical staff, directors, owners, and other key stakeholders.

Team Management is one of the central pieces of functionality of the GameTime solution, used to manage teams and team members. Each team has its workspace, where schedules and communication belong only to the members of that team's workspace.

A simple scenario would be a professional team of athletes, coaches, and staff (e.g., medical and management). As far as they seem like one team, which they are, a good organization means that coaches, medical, and management staff are organizational units that operate as a part of the team and as individual units.

Therefore, once you have added all your members (athletes, coaches, and staff), you would create:

  1. A team where they are all members

  2. A team for coaches

  3. A team for medical staff

  4. A team for management staff

As a result, each group has its workspace - their schedule and chat are isolated from the primary team. Sometimes, it may be sufficient for their independent team and work-related obligations to be managed by simply creating events with custom participants. Still, once you get used to GameTime and start consuming it more, workspaces will make that fundamental difference in holding many moving pieces together.

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