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  • Ivan Trajkovic

Teo4 Basketball Camp by Milos Teodosic signs with It's GameTime

Brothers Teodosic, Milos and Jovan, have early recognized all the benefits a good organization brings to a camp that hosts around 1,500 athletes in seven short weeks during summer. Their basketball camp, Teo4, is the first sports camp to implement GameTime technology to manage everything - from schedules, shifts, groups, athletes, coaches, and staff to courts, communication between all members, keeping the parents informed, and substantial exchange of files.

GameTime supplements Milos Teodosic's vision of the camp - "Through the extensive experience of our coaches and my own experience, we came up with the program in line with which TEO4 will work and that will be – I'm sure – the best possible assistance to young players and at the same time their school of life. As I have always been trying to ease the way to the basket for my teammates providing the timely assists, now it's my goal to be a good assistant to each participant of our camp.". GameTime enhances and professionalizes the overall camp experience and organization for all participants, even parents.

GameTime is software for sports clubs, teams, and organizations that centralizes messaging, scheduling and exchanging files, making information exchange faster, more reliable, and more secure.

For anyone interested in trying It's GameTime technology with a 1-month free trial, they are free to do so by requesting an invitation code here.

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