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Choose a better way for your sports teamwork


  • Ivan Trajkovic

The Business Value of "It's GameTime"

Collaborative business applications are now widespread but do not apply to sports organizations. Sports organizations still primarily depend on pen and paper, notepads, and drawing boards to manage their teamwork. However, some go a step further and try to address all communication and organization with several different software solutions and Apps. "It's GameTime" is here to change and centralize that.

The business value of teams collaborating in one centralized workspace grows when the elements of work and team communication are tied to outcomes and when all data going through the system becomes relational. This provides access to evolving metrics and continuously delivers insights on how to constantly improve and innovate at both micro and macro levels. This type of collaboration, incredibly when easy to use, becomes an annuity for the business, adding value when it is used longer. "It's GameTime" provides a unique set of analytic tools that draw a meaningful connection between their comprehensive schedules, type of training, and medical records.

Additionally, "It's GameTime" partnered with the Profex Academy, which has been diagnosing and examining body status in great detail for many clients for 15 years. The results from the diagnostic are being analyzed and interpreted, while every client gets these results textually and graphically presented through the "It's GameTime" platform. Diagnostic tests in their laboratory are the most important element when creating one's training procedure and adequate nutrition plan. The former and the latter are custom-made for every client, according to his current health condition. This method of work allows us to create efficient programs for our clients in order to achieve maximum results.

In the Profex laboratory, they use the most appropriate equipment. Every process is under the control and surveillance of experts professor Duško Ilić and Vladimir Mrdaković (leading executive of their diagnostic team) from the Faculty of Sport and Physical education in Belgrade.

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