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  • Ivan Trajkovic

Keep Your Athletes Informed with a Reliable Sports Team Scheduling App

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Athletes' schedules are often hectic and unpredictable. Traditional methods of communicating these schedules, like using general messenger apps or verbal updates, can lead to confusion and disorganization. Important details can easily get lost in the daily flood of messages.

Enter GameTime’s scheduler feature - a straightforward, efficient way to manage your team’s events, accessible both from your computer and mobile device. The scheduling feature of this sports team scheduling app is versatile: it’s simple enough for basic event planning, yet comprehensive for more detailed scheduling. At a minimum, you just need to input the event type, the participants (whether it’s the whole team or selected members), and the start/end times.

For more detailed planning, GameTime allows you to specify:

  • What: Define the event with a title and type.

  • Who: Select whether the event is for the entire team or specific members.

  • When: Set the event's occurrence, whether it’s a one-off or repeating event.

  • Where: Choose the location, complete with a map link for easy navigation.

  • Notes/Goals: Add any additional information or specific objectives for the event.

  • Attachments: Include relevant files such as images, videos, or documents.

Additionally, when creating events you can keep your communication organized.

It's GameTime Scheduling walkthrough
It's GameTime Scheduling segment

What makes GameTime stand out is its flexibility. You can add minimal details or go in-depth, depending on your needs. The more information you input, the more insights you can gain, as GameTime intelligently relates your data to provide valuable analytics.

GameTime's sports team scheduling app ensures that your communication stays organized, clear, and effective, making it an ideal tool for coaches and team managers dedicated to maintaining a well-organized team.

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